Jonas solidified his reputation as one of Hollywood’s most popular photographers while working for European magazines in over a decade.
His worldwide assignments gave him access to Hollywood’s most 'rich and famous'.
His creative and energy-filled shoots have made him a photographer of choice for many of his well-known subjects.
At the same time Jonas’ interest in the off-beat and often seamy side of Hollywood led him to cover a variety of topics in documentary style.
His coverage of the reclusive, body-piercing subculture known as “Modern Primitives” garnered international attention and acclaim.
Jonas’ work has appeared in countless publications including GQ, Vanity Fair, Elle, Playboy and in advertisements for products/campaigns such as Vespa, Disney, +BERYLL, EMILcouture, boohoo, B.M.G., MTV, VH1 and many more...

What Celebrities have to say about Jonas...

"I love his photos. It was so difficult to choose which were my favorites and which were not...since he has so many fabulous ones.
It was fascinating to watch him shoot. He only worked with two lights and can do magic with them. I’m incredibly impressed."
- Linda Evans -

"I just took a quick peek at the pictures you sent and I LOVE them!
You did such a beautiful job capturing the heart and soul of my home. Truly beautiful shots.
I love the choices you made of me and the house. You have an amazing eye. I loved having you in my home."
- Linda Gray -

"Jonas, I love what you did😍 You did an amazing job and made it all so easy. Thank you so much! You are brilliant.
I'm so amazed that you made me look better than ever and can't wait to see all the other shots not yet published.
Sending love, Jane"
- Jane Seymour -

"Thank you for the magic! And for the super comfortable and fun photo shoot."
- Milena Moser -

© Janina Laszlo